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Ana Herranz. Director. Alumni Carrers Services & Research. IE

30 September 2016

Identifying and conveying your professional worth is the key to making yourself look like Hermés rather than Primark. Which do you want to be?

Enrique Sueiro. Director Corporate Communication Management Program. IE Business School

30 September 2016

Listen with humility, make sure you have truth on your side and convey things coherently. That is the logical sequence for a communication process on both a personal and corporate level, and the key to credible messages.

Ignacio de la Torre. Professor. IE Business School

22 September 2016

Several central Banks are sending out the first signals of the beginning of the end of the lax monetary policy that caused the biggest financial bubble in the last few decades.

Manuel Lucena. Profesor Humanidades. IE

15 September 2016

Not even two world wars, the loss of the empire, or social and ethnic tensions managed to alter the reformist and moderate character of the British Establishment. Until now.

Margarita Mayo. Professor. IE Business School

15 September 2016

The latest reason for the current institutional chaos in Spain is that authenticity is nowhere to be seen on Spain’s political stage, or in the country’s three main political leaders - Rajoy, Sánchez and Rivera.

José Piquer. Executive Director. Undergraduate Studies International Relations. IE University

1 August 2016

After a historic second general election, Spain still has no party with a clear majority that would permit it to form a government, and the result is two scenarios that test the old new policy.

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