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Víctor Torre de Silva. Professor. IE Law School

1 June 2016

The unprecedented repetition of Spain’s general elections has highlighted the fact that Spain’s election system is not fit for its purpose, and the need to embark on immediate reform.

Victoria Gimeno. Director Institutional Relations. IE University

8 June 2016

Our face or posture not only reflect what we’re feeling inside, but can also be used to change how we feel. That’s why by changing your body posture, you can change your emotions and your identity. 

Gonzalo Garland. Professor. IE Business School

1 June 2016

Inflation is no longer the great enemy it was. Now the challenges are driving economic growth, reducing unemployment, and reducing the deficit and public debt. Hence we need to talk about deflation. 

Norman Kurtis. Vice Dean, Behaviour and Human development. IE University

15 June 2016

Los consumidores senior representarán casi el 50% de la población en 2050 y las marcas lo saben, por eso, se dirigen a ellos con productos, servicios y campañas específicas.

Ignacio de la Torre. Professor. IE Business School

26 May 2016

The Brexit referendum blocked a rise in interest rates by the FED in June. But the arguments in favor of putting off said rise are fast disappearing, and economic realities all point to it happening in the near future.

Rafael Puyol. Executive Vice President. IE Foundation

25 May 2016

La última obra de Petros Márkaris es una referencia básica de una de las mayores tragedias que ha tocado vivir a nuestra generación: la crisis de los refugiados.

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