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Fernando Fernández. Professor. IE Business School

29 January 2016

The results of Spain’s latest election has left a parliament that is so broken, that the medicine needed to put the pieces together and heal the country’s wounds  can only be administered by a great coalition.

Victoria Gimeno. Director Institutional Relations. IE University

31 January 2016

Sometimes, without realizing, we place ourselves, or someone else places us, in a very harmful triangle - the Karpman drama triangle.

Rafael Pampillón. Professor. IE Business School

15 January 2016

History shows us that falling oil prices caused by excess supply lead to cutbacks in prospecting and extraction that lead to prices going back up again.

Ignacio de la Torre. Professor. IE Business School

21 January 2016

In spite of a turbulent start to 2016 the world will grow this year more than the last one, but this improvement hides a serious threat, the much put upon ten-year bond.

Enrique Dans. Professor. IE Business School

12 January 2016

Hackers now serve as researchers into our products, capable of discovering and correcting faults, bringing a clear competitive advantage. 


Marco Trombetta. Vice Dean for Research. IE Business School

7 January 2016

Many countries around the world still have a long way to go where financial literacy is concerned. A recent survey has revealed that even in developed economies like that of Spain, half the population does not have a basic understanding of financial matters.


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