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Cristina Simón, Dean of IE Business School’s Department of Psychology

21 May 2015

Empathy, communication, self knowledge, influence… All these skills are extremely difficult to acquire and play a key role in being a good manager. Can we really call them soft?

Santiago Íñiguez. Dean. IE Business School

19 May 2015

The importance of diversity is a discussion that needs to be approached from an ethical, moral and social perspective, rather than being based on the search for irrefutable evidence of its impact on bottom-line results.

Ignacio de la Torre. Porfessor. IE Business School

15 May 2015

For the first time in seven years, Europe is starting to show signs of solid growth, bringing an improvement in the economy that will be surprisingly bullish, and which is set to gather pace over the next few years.

Yolanda Regodón. Associate Director of Communication. IE Business School

13 May 2015

The commitment made by Novartis to the production of Spanish wine goes by the name of a medieval abbey, and comes with the aroma of land irrigated by the river Duero, coupled with the most advanced technology in European wine production.

Rafael Pampillón and Cristina Mª de Haro. IE Business School and Universidad San Pablo (CEU)

8 May 2015

Economic figures published in recent weeks serve to underscore the recovery of Spain’s economy and brings with it the hope that the resulting impact will mean that citizens will soon start to feel the difference in their pockets.

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