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Santiago Iñiguez de Onzoño. Dean. IE Business School

3 December 2014

The controversy unleashed in France after Sarkozy’s attack on the classical French novel “The Princess of Cleves” serves to remind us that the Humanities are useful in the workplace as well as being beautiful.

Yolanda Regodón. Associate Director Communication. IE Business School

11 December 2014

The world of luxury and top designers move in constant search of both tangible and intangible experiences that are linked to time, craftsmanship and art.


Ignacio de la Torre. Professor. IE Business School

8 December 2014

 Just like falling dominoes, the effect that recovery in the US can have on the world economy will reach the furthest corners of the planet.

Peter Fisk. Visiting Professor. IE Business

15 December 2014

A new generation of business organizations is showing companies how to adapt to continuous technological and economic change.

Victoria Gimeno. Director Institutional Relations. IE University

15 December 2014

 Many managers – not leaders – are incapable of delegating work. By insisting on controlling everything, they are setting up a dangerous minefield that may bring serious problems in the future.

Balvinder Powar. Professor. IE Business School

28 November 2014

The future is here and we are immersed in a virtual and globalized world where it is no longer important where you are - what matters is the value you bring to a project. Welcome to this new way of managing teams. 

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