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Veronica Urbiola for IE Focus

2 March 2017

IE alum Lorena Bassas is one of the co-founders of Top Doctors®, a website that places patients in contact with leading health specialists. Top Doctors® uses a successful US business model that appeared over 20 years ago in response to a clear need, namely that of being able to find the best specialist when a person has a health problem. Top Doctors® is now a benchmark for private medicine on an international level. It works with some of the most renowned specialists in Europe, Latin America, and the US. Over a million users around the world visit the Top Doctors® site each month, and more than 10 million patients have used Top Doctors® to select a doctor in Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Mexico, Colombia, and the US.

José Esteves. Professor. IE Business School

28 February 2017

Technology has transformed our lives. Traditional experiences don’t cut it with new consumers, and companies have to redesign their business models in order to adapt to the new environment. 


Gonzalo Rodríguez y Fatima Z. Bensar. Saudi-Spanish Centre for Islamic Economics and Finance. IE Business Scshool

28 February 2017

Morocco has just authorized the creation of Islamic banks, taking a first step toward converting the country into an Islamic finance hub in Northern Africa.

Ignacio de la Torre. Professor. IE Business School

28 February 2017

Europe rounded off 2016 with a higher level of growth than the US, something not seen for a decade. Moreover, Europe has more solid building blocks on which to build future growth.

Joaquín Garralda. Profesor. IE Business School

27 February 2017

The appointment of Clayton as president of the SEC brings to mind Thomas Becket as Archbishop of Canterbury in the times of Henry II. Is history about to repeat itself?

Victoria Gimeno. Director. International Relations. IE University

22 February 2017

Bullying in the workplace has highly destructive effects on people’s mental and physical health, and the consequences can last for years. In short, it is a form of abuse.

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