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Juan José Güemes. President. IE University Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center

28 September 2017

The Pacific Alliance is without doubt one of the most promising economic and trade integration processes currently underway, not only in terms of size and potential of the member countries, but also because it is a major building block of the Pacific basin integration process. 

Cristina Cruz. Professor. IE Business School

5 September 2017

The most successful family businesses in Latin America are those that have achieved a balance between innovation and tradition, and between fostering entrepreneurialism and family cohesion.

Santiago Iñiguez de Onzoño. President. IE University

1 June 2017

There is still no magic formula to gauge the exact cause and effect relationship between investment in training and its impact on bottom line results. But we can get quite close. 

Celia de Anca. Director. IE Center for Diversity

1 June 2017

Both communities and individuals are necessary, and that’s why business organizations need to find the balance between individualism, which permits us to grow, and the group, which enables us to act.

Rafael Pampillón. Professor. IE Business School

30 May 2017

Achieving a United States of Europe requires greater levels of integration in terms of banking, fiscal policy, labor law and institutions. These ideas have found a strategic champion in the form of France’s new president, Macron.

Ignacio de la Torre. Professor. IE Business School

4 April 2017

The increase in interest rates in the US will have knock-on effects in Asia and Europe. If the ECB starts to taper quantitative easing, there will be more rises in interest rates, making it too expensive to change to a fixed rate mortgage.


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