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Ana Herranz. Director Careers Services. Alumni. IE Business School

23 June 2014

How do you get a business angel interested in your project in the time it takes to complete the average elevator ride? Here you have the keys to getting it right.

Manuel Romera. Professor. IE Business School

30 June 2014

The real problem with so-called tax havens is not a question of tax competition, but rather the lack of both transparency and control of criminal activity in these territories. 

Soledad Atienza. Professor. IE University

25 June 2014

Legal clinics are taking lawyering beyond law firms and courts to foster a sense of social responsibility in the legal profession and to highlight the value of the service it provides for the community.  

Ignacio de la Torre. Professor. IE Business School

26 June 2014

How fast is the Federal Reserve going to taper stimulus measures? Too fast and it could cause another recession, too slow and it could fuel high levels of inflation. 

Enrique Dans. Professor. IE Business School

1 May 2014

The web is a huge source of information, a non-stop stream of content that can make a difference for companies that are willing to innovate and examine available data.

Elena Ortiz. Professor. IE Business School

1 May 2014

A recent study has revealed that in decisionmaking processes entrepreneurs are faster and more impulsive when it comes to analyzing information.

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