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Santiago Iñiguez. Dean. IE Business School

20 March 2015

Reading opens a door to the world: it connects us with other cultures. Helps us to identify ourselves with people from other eras and to improve our capacity for critical thought

Ignacio de la Torre. Professor, IE Business School

19 March 2015

Young people with temporary work contracts with no security, who are also required to make provision for pensions and paying a debt they played no part in creating, have been left abandoned by the massive hypocrisy of our system


Manuel Bermejo. Professor. IE Business School

18 March 2015

Family businesses are an ethical mirror in which we should all take a look, because their management model is based on sharing a project and a set of values which are what give a sense of transcendence to the family legacy


David Millán Planelles, Adjunct Professor, IE Business School and Frédéric Godart, Professor, INSEAD

17 March 2015

Fashion and luxury. So near and so far. The first group bases their creativity on knowing what the consumer wants, the second group bases their creativity on proposing something that consumers do not yet know they want

Enrique Dans. Professor. IE Business School

16 March 2015

Feedly managed to leverage a gap left by Google Reader and now it has the potential to become a benchmark social reading tool

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