Coaching is a process of learning and transformation

Victoria Gimeno. Director Institutional Relations. IE University

26 May 2016

To stick forever with something we have learned is a dream, which, if prolonged, can mean death. We are organisms, and as such, we have to transform ourselves and adapt to changes.

This blog is dedicated to the idea of learning new things: our goal is to question what until recently was considered the only way to look for work. On other occasions we share our experiences to show that things can be done differently. And we also try to show that there are many sides to reality, allowing us to see it from other perspectives and take action accordingly. 

I don't intend to provide a resume here of everything we write about, but I would like to highlight that we try to keep our readers’ minds open to new ways of doing things. That means learning as information + action, or to use Leonardo Wolk’s term: Transformaction.learn.

Learning understood solely in terms of information leads us to do things in a certain way in a certain context, and if this evolves, that way of doing things can end up failing to produce the best results. We all know that change is a permanent process, which is why it is so important to be open to learning. Basically, this means that over the course of our lives we reinvent ourselves as often as we need to, changing how we see things, our mentality, and trying to be as open as possible to a transformational learning experience. We then have to put this learning into action by doing things differently. This is where a coach can help you. 

This approach can be applied equally to people as to companies. How many companies have achieved success with one formula, only to keep on using it until it brings about failure? Staying with what we have learned is a dream, which, if prolonged, means death. 

We are systems, organisms, with our own biology, feelings, experiences, history… Adapt, transform, or die. Isn’t that the law of survival? 



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