Insight Management

Jorge Urrea. Professor. IE Business School

31 March 2014

In a world where everything changes at the speed of lightning, companies need professionals capable of managing change before it happens.

While I was at IE Business School for the presentation of the book “Ingenio y pasión (Ingenuity and passion),” which I co-authored together with my partner, Silvia Leal, I had the opportunity to do a live insight management session. It was a mobilizing experience which, in addition to building awareness, showed how management works from an awareness perspective.

Management methods have not yet found a way or a historical model to handle not only crisises, but also success in a changing environment, where different values, corporate culture, climate, and managerial practices are emerging on a constant basis.  

Everything changes at lightning speed, so in order to keep work teams at least aligned managers need a great deal of awareness and communication, coupled with an intention to row in a synergic direction, like us. In order to achieve this I propose that the company develop sensitive and powerful people with a profound and truthful internal gauge that makes them able to feel change before it happens.

It is essential to train these people using an empowerment process, both men and women, based around a vacuum. Based on both my own personal experience and that of my clients, I deeply believe that strength does not come from a structure but rather from a vacuum. Reeds don’t break in a hurricane because they are hollow and that makes them flexible. They bend when necessary, and spring back up when possible, with humility and self-esteem, as we will see later.

I teach ‘Insight Management’, comprised of a personalized mix for each client, firm or person, of diverse meditative techniques, gestalt therapy, coaching, phenomenology, existentialism, etc., which more than anything else provides internal experiences. These experiences are capable of acting as catalysts for a transformation that is much more than the purely mental process of awareness. Developing Insight Management is empowering, it brings flexibility and in particular it frees energy trapped in the energy centers that drive creativity, emotion and vitality.

I have spent several years working with students at IE Business School and I have noticed a parallel process in Harvard papers that are also increasingly committed to meditation as a means to enter a vacuum in order to see the totality beyond. Investing in Insight Management is to invest in true knowledge of the hidden reality of people and firms. It gives wings and awareness, eventually enabling systems to evolve through a quantitative leap to a more human and sustainable reality.

We are shaping the true ‘jedis’ of the future right now. Powerful and sensitive people equipped to lead in a wide range of personal and professional circumstances. They are never left behind, they research and practice with humility and self-esteem. Remember Alice in Wonderland who in order to get through the huge and tiny doors had to grow or shrink. To bring about your transformation we invite you to drink the magic formula of “Ingenuity and Passion.”


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