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14 October 2011

A large number of Real Madrid fans are getting tired of José Mourinho’s antics, which are in direct contrast to the noble tradition of Real Madrid.

Real Madrid had always been a class act until a certain outspoken Portuguese manager turned up and broke with tradition. I know some people might like that kind of thing, but many lifelong Real Madrid supporters are starting to get tired of the outbursts of a manager who has spent more time attacking the opposition than concentrating on the league and putting his own house in order.

You can’t justify it by saying that that’s just the way he is, and if he wins awards anything goes. It clashes with the exemplary behaviour of Real Madrid for over a century, even as champions. If only Bernabeu were here now. Nobody seems to protest any more. The President of the club has decided not to speak. Zidane says very little. Butragueño doesn’t say anything interesting. And Valdano was ousted for speaking out of turn. The worst thing is the management team’s silence. The only voices you hear are those of supporters, impassioned by the Saint Mourinho dictum, giving vent to his opinions to all and sundry.

Someone should do something to ensure Real Madrid has no other role in the media apart from winning matches. If you believed in conspiracy theory, and if you didn’t know Rubalcaba was a fanatical Real Madrid supporter (more so than of Zapatero), you might think Mou had been paid by the PSOE to divert Spaniards’ concerns away from the desperate straits the country is in.

This Real Madrid team seems to get more mentions in the gossip columns than sports sections. In fact, many people who have been fans of the team for years can’t relate to this team. I know the President and several members of his team, and I hold them all in high esteem. But after observing Mourinho for a year, I am at a loss to understand why they keep him on.


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