Ignacio de la Torre. Porfessor. IE Business School

15 May 2015

For the first time in seven years, Europe is starting to show signs of solid growth, bringing an improvement in the economy that will be surprisingly bullish, and which is set to gather pace over the next few years.

Rafael Pampillón and Cristina Mª de Haro. IE Business School and Universidad San Pablo (CEU)

8 May 2015

Economic figures published in recent weeks serve to underscore the recovery of Spain’s economy and brings with it the hope that the resulting impact will mean that citizens will soon start to feel the difference in their pockets.

Mikel Aguirre. Professor. IE Business School

14 April 2015

Plummeting oil prices have direct consequences for the whole world, and many underlying reasons.

Rafael Pampillón Professor. IE Business School and Universidad San Pablo CEU

23 February 2015

The incipient but increasing signs of economic recovery in Spain needs a clear commitment to R&D in order to consolidate and build on a strong industrial base


Ignacio de la Torre. Professor. Business School

27 January 2015

While the eurozone, led by Spain, will exceed forecasts, the US will raise interest rates earlier than expected and China will give the world an unpleasant surprise, pushing the price of raw materials down even further.

Daisy Escobar. Professor. IE Business School

1 November 2013

The cuts been made in public administration make this an excellent time to introduce a management model designed to make the public sector more efficient, and therefore less costly, more sustainable, and more useful.

Daisy Escobar. Professor. IE Business School

18 September 2013

Doing things in a different and better way that enables the company to put their prices down is not just a pipe-dream. Operative innovation is now playing a key role in many leading international business organizations.

Gamaliel Martínez. Professor. IE Business School

29 April 2013

The tide is turning. After twenty years of delocation fever among Spanish firms, some of them are now bringing their manufacturing back to Spain. It is a particularly good option for SMEs.


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