Daddy boom

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25 October 2004

A daddy-boom is predicted for 2006. Experts say no company will be spared from this influx of male employees on the market, and should already be laboring to develop female competencies in their workforce.

With more men on the horizon, many big French firms are readjusting their gender balance. The trend appears to be gathering steam. Various deals have been struck inside organizations like Renault, PSA, Air France, Accor, Thales and others guaranteeing male-female parity in the workforce in all their national sites.

A law passed in 2001 imposed this equilibrium on firms through annual negotiations. It has since helped dozens to modernize both their structures and their outlooks. Cultural resistance may be crumbling at all levels inside these top organizations. Many enterprises recoil at setting numbered objectives, fearing unreal or artificial quotas. But most strive to give as many women jobs as they have female candidates for jobs, seek to grant promotions to equal numbers of men and women, or are currently examining certain job positions within their company to determine why they are held by so few females. Revisiting the crucial question of pay seems high on the list as well.


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