The rebirth of Humanities

Arantza de Areilza, Director of Humanities at IE Business School

7 September 2007

IE opened 33 years ago as an innovative school that aimed to reform the way business management and law were taught in Spain. Innovation was, of course, one of the school´s values.

The school also began to centre on entrepreneurship and fostering the entrepreneurial spirit of its students so that they were not only innovative managers, but they also had the desire and courage required to be entrepreneurs. IE is now a first-class, international and global school as a result of its future vision, its quality and its liberal, independent and cultured approach that believed that success was not only a matter of knowledge, but also of a certain kind of spirit. That spirit is today being channelled into the school’s new department of humanities. Courses include Great cultures, artistic expressions and global phenomena of a world of change, sponsored by Fundación Instituto de Empresa and held at the Campus de Santa Cruz la Real from 10 to 12 July as part of the 2007 SEK Summer University program.

The Department of Humanities seeks to become not only a collection of programmes offered to our students that form a core part of their programs, but also an invitation to acquire a greater, deeper understanding of the world through subjects that make individuals more well-rounded people and, therefore, better entrepreneurs. It is our aim to offer all students the possibility of choosing from a selection of subjects, that may appear somewhat alien to the core of the program at first sight, but which look at the thought and values of the great cultures and societies of our time. Subjects include China, India or Arabia, their modern and contemporary literature and art, as seen in the new trends of art and the avant-garde of architecture or music as important forms of intercultural dialogue in an open world. We shall also offer courses on major phenomena of the 21st century, such as global warming, the conservation of the environment, sustainable management, democracy, international migration, or the creation of wealth and emigration.

Our students will have the opportunity to choose the subjects with which they feel more closely associated and consider will help them gain a better understanding of others and the century in which we live. In short, IE Business School’s new department of humanities is an invitation to stretch our vision through the complexity and beauty of a permeable world. Its aim is perhaps to learn to get on well with the world through knowledge of it, a source of intelligent thought and decisive help in both the personal lives and professional careers of human beings.

Moreover IE shall continue to offer senior management programmes in humanities to specific companies that have shown their support for this initiative, aimed at providing an interface for culture and business. PubliEspaña and Telecinco are two of the companies that have undertaken humanities-based senior management programs at IE Business School this year.


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